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Conducted emissions

Conducted emissions are defined as emissions in the frequency range from 150 kHz to 30 MHz above that the emissions are radiated ones. Frequency converts (FC) are getting more and more efficient due to bigger switching frequencies which leads to a bigger emission due to e.g. overshooting phenomes while switching. The conducted emissions can be categorized into differential mode (DM) and common mode (CM) emissions. Both are flowing within a system (e.g. e-car) over the lines and are able to disturb or even destroy sensible parts like micro-controller. On top of that they can produce over-voltages which can lead to failures of Controller which can harm the system itself but also humans.

So the risk of non-proper workflows or even complete failure of some device is pretty high.

We, Magnetec, produce and deliver the needed components to absorb such kind of emissions effectively. We support you with competence help and provide our expertise for you, e.g. with detecting and damping the emission to a reasonable level.

The emissions spread out from the FC to the grid as well as to the motor/generator-site. Further information for suppression information towards grid site can be found here. Emissions towards motor/generator often lead to motor bearing currents, more information and explanation can be found here.

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