What is NANOPERM® ?

NANOPERM® is a rapidly quenched iron based alloy with a fine crystalline microstructure. The typical grain size is only 10nm - this is why the material is called 'nanocrystalline'. This fine material structure is the reason for extraordinary softmagnetic properties which can be adjusted in a wide range by an annealing process under the presence of external magnetic fields.

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How to make tape wound cores at MAGNETEC

Firstly, the unprocessed amorphous ribbons are slitted in appropriate widths on specially designed machines. Depending on the need the slitted tape can be strip coated (insulation) - among others to achieve better high-frequency properties. Then the tape is wound into the desired toroidal core dimensions on special winding machines. The winding thorn diameter corresponds to the desired core inner diameter. In a next step the toroidal cores are annealed by a special heat treatment - under presence of external magnetic fields. Here the soft magnetic properties such as permeability level, core losses and magnetostriction are 'adjusted'. After reviewing the core characteristics - usually by electrical measurement - the toroidal cores are fixed - i.e. cased in a plastic housing or coated with epoxy resin. Finally after a repeated core measurement the finished cores are marked.

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Is MAGNETEC manufacturer of the amorphous ribbon ?

The amorphous ribbon isn´t manufactured by MAGNETEC, but is purchased from different international suppliers in big quantities - several hundred tons per year.

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last update: 2018-08-15