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Material: Nanoperm

NANOPERM is a rapidly quenched, iron-based alloy with a fine Crystalline microstructure. Its typical grain size is 10 nanometers, thus the material name, “nanocrystalline”. This fine material´s structure is why it has extraordinary soft magnetic properties. These properties can be controlled in a wide range by an annealing process under the presence of external magnetic fields.

Definition of Saturation Current Isat of NANOPERM

The saturation current (Isat) is the peak value of the current at which the initial inductance value is dropped to 10 percent. Saturation behavior depends very much on frequency, signal shape, leakage field, etc. So, the mentioned current value is a calculated value for design help only and cannot be guaranteed.

Materials & Products

Standard Cores 

Our wide portfolio of Standard Cores consists of our nanocrystalline soft magnetic material Nanoperm. This material provides a unique combination of high permeability and low losses at high frequencies; which makes them suitable for many applications.

Materials & Products

Our Products

  • CoolBLUE toroids made from the nanocrystalline material NANOPERM are being used increasingly to reduce damaging motor bearing currents in modern high-power inverter systems operating at high switching frequencies. As a result of these unwanted currents, the bearings corrugate, leading to electrical breakdown in the lubrication and finally to a standstill of the entire motor.

    The use of CoolBLUE cores not only significantly reduces the over voltage peaks at the motor terminals, but also suppresses the asymmetrical EMI currents which are generated by the parasitic capacities of the motor itself together with the motor cable.



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Materials & Products