Products for Power Electronics

Photo NANOPERM Products Cores Chokes

Since 1998 MAGNETEC supplies cores made of novel nanocrystalline alloy NANOPERM® for universal use in power electronics.
A main application here is the electromagnetic compatibility EMC. For that area we offer wound cores in form of filter chokes, too.
NANOPERM® cores are used in SMPS for push-pull transformers up to 100kHz, dI/dt chokes and for suppression of high frequency motor bearing currents.
Compared to ferrites, the build volume of inductive components is always significantly smaller.


Products for Earth-Leakage-Circuit-Breakers (ELCB)

Photo assembly of a ELCB component

The majority of our products made of NANOPERM® is used in all types of residual current (earth leakage) circuit breakers and related systems.
According to the requirements in each instance or agreement reached with our customers, the products can be distinguished in the following manner:

  • Cores without secondary winding
  • Cores with secondary winding (0,08 mm - 0,5 mm wire diameter)
  • Wandlers with additional primary winding (1,0 - 5,0 mm wire diameter)
  • Finished assemblies

On request, we offer to provide a not obligatory design proposal together with a commercial quotation according to your technical enquiries.

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last update: 2018-04-18