Nanocrystalline tape wound cores made of NANOPERM®

Our tape wound cores are based on nanocrystalline softmagnetic material NANOPERM® which provide a unique combination of high permeability and low losses at high frequencies. This is why they are suitable for many applications, such as

  • Common Mode Filter Chokes
  • Absorber Cores for suppression of Motor bearing currents
  • SMPS transformers
  • Push-Pull-Transformers for Power Transistors
  • HF Current transformators
  • High precision Energy Meters
  • Current Sensors
  • Spike Killer Cores for dI/dt limitation

Standard designs for Core finishing:

  • Plastic box (material UL listed, QMFZ2 E41871 (OBJS2 E209169) and QMFZ2 E41938)
  • Epoxy coating (material UL listed, QMFZ2 E343402)
  • Optional: Additional edge protection for Epoxy coated Cores by foil bandage (material UL listed, QMFZ2 E53895) ('epoxy+').

In case of wire winding we recommend not to wound the wire directly on the epoxy surface, but to cover the core with foil first!

last update: 2018-04-18