NANOPERM®- a universal Softmagnetic Material

NANOPERM® is a rapidly quenched iron based alloy with a fine crystalline microstructure. The typical grain size is only 10 nanometers - this is why the material is called 'nanocrystalline'. This fine material structure is the reason for extraordinary softmagnetic properties which can be controlled in a wide range by an annealing process under the presence of external magnetic fields.


Material Properties of NANOPERM® (nominal values)



Saturation Flux Density

~ 1,2 T

Coercivity (quasistatic, 50 Hz)

< 3 A/m

Saturation Magnetostriction

< 0,5 ppm

Specific Electrical Resistivity

~ 115 µOhmcm

Specific Density

7,35 g/cm3

Curie Temperature

~ 600 °C

Operational Temperature Range

- 40 ... + 200 °C

Material Losses (0,3 T / 100 kHz / sinus)

< 110 W/kg

Ribbon Thickness

~ 17 ... 23 µm

Grain Size (typ.)

10 nm

Permeability Range

1.000 ... 200.000

Alloy Composition

Fe73,5 Cu1 Nb3 Si15,5 B7


Definition of Saturation Current Isat of NANOPERM®

Peak value of the exiting current when the initial inductance level is dropped to 10 per cent. Saturation behaviour is very much depending on frequency, signal shape, leakage field, etc. so the mentioned current value is a calculated value for design help only and cannot be guaranteed.

Isat is calculated @ B = 1,0 T / µnom / N = 1.

Usual tolerance of typical HF-properties is in the region of ca. -30%+40%

last update: 2018-04-18