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Radiated emissions

Radiated emissions are defined as emissions in a frequency range > 30 MHz, below they are called conducted emissions. The requirements and demands for frequency converts (FC) with bigger power and higher switching frequencies leads to higher EMC noise, which occur while switching. These emissions spread out over motor-cables and its shielding, which behaves like antennas at frequencies in the MHz-range and the emissions get radiated.

These radiated emissions are most often above the limits given by law and can lead to malfunction in the system itself or external ones. In fast growing areas like electro mobility, renewable energy (especially wind power) and Industry 4.0 this can lead to devastating consequences. Impacts start at single disturbances up to complete line shutdowns or even risking human life. CoolTube is especially designed for absorbing high-frequency-noise and reduces the emission in your system so that an interference-free operation can be achieved.

We are happy to support you with choosing the right products for you, we also offer to have on-site-measurements together with you to define the needed actions. A big benefit of our Nanoperm CoolTubes is besides the easy and maintenance-free installation the fact that the emissions gets absorbed by transforming it into heat. So the emissions get reduced efficiently and not just moved to another frequency-range so that a failure-free operation can be achieved.

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