Fluxgate-Based Residual Current Sensors

MAGNETEC offers customers design support to ensure they get the best and most cost-effective solutions for their specific application.
Various designs with the same electrical performance allow customers to use MAGNETEC’s Fluxgate-Based Residual Current Sensors in different products without additonal development costs.

MagBlue series

Residual Current Sensor element

The Fluxgate-Based Residual Current Sensors are made of an induction coil with particular characteristics. It has a high permeability Nanoperm® core, which makes the detection of very low (6mA) DC currents possible. The core material has very high permeability and low remanence (Hc), enabling very fast transition between linear and saturated state. Energizing the coil with an alternating voltage makes the core go through a complete hysteresis loop. With a residual current flowing through the coil, the hysteresis loop is shifted. The measurement of this shift represents the primary current.

It enables the use of individual and customized evaluation circuits, allowing an ideal system integration in to your application in a cost-efficient way.

SafeBlue® series

Residual Current Sensor for EV Charging

MAGNETEC offers AC/DC sensitive residual current sensors for charging cable (mode 2), AC wallbox (mode 3), DC charging station (mode 4) and optional in on-board charger applications. The SafeBlue® series Sensors features a high permeability Nanoperm® core, which makes the detection of very low (6mA) DC currents possible. It has an integrated evaluation circuit, providing all features requested by the relevant standards.

MAGNETEC sensors are already in use at numerous automotive OEMs. We would be happy to develop your individual product for you now.

Contact: michael.eylenstein@magnetec.de

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