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Material Nanoperm®

Nanoperm® is a rapid-solidified, iron-based alloy with an extremely fine crystalline structure. It can justifiably be called ‘nanocrystalline’ due to typical grain sizes of 10 nanometers. This structure is responsible for Nanoperm’s exceptionally good soft magnetic properties which can be modified across a wide range through heat treatment in external magnetic fields.

Saturation induction
~ 1,2 T
Coercive field strength
(quasi-static, 50 Hz) < 3 A/m
Saturation magnetostriction
< 0,5 ppm
Specific electrical resistance
~ 115 µOhm cm
Specific density
7,35 g/cm3
Curie temperature
~ 600 °C
Operating temperature range
– 40 … + 200 °C
Core losses
(0,3 T / 100 kHz / sinus) < 110 W/kg
Tape thickness
~ 17 … 23 µm
Grain size (typ.)
10 nm
Permeability range
1.000 … 200.000
Alloy composition
Fe73,5 Cu1 Nb3 Si15,5 B7

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