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MAGNETEC offers AC/DC-sensitive residual current converters for charging cables (mode 2), AC wallbox (mode 3), DC charging station (mode 4) and, optionally, in on-board charging applications.

Residual current sensor for EV charging applications


  • Shielded transformer core, with a high surge current capability
  • Integrated evaluation unit
  • Usable in systems according to IEC 62955, IEC 62752, IEC 61851, IEC 61008, IEC 61009, IEC 61543, UL 2231, UL 2594, GBT 18487
  • Additional features planned, including functional safety according to IEC 61508 and UL 1998


  • Perfectly aligned sensor and evaluation system
  • Simplifies integration into your application
  • Reliable detection of fault currents
  • Proven technology with more than 3 million products on the market
  • Designed in Germany, produced in Europe
  • High availability and short leadtimes


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